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In Memoriam

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Eulogy by Sal, Jr.:

My dad is Salvador Ramos Castro, Sr., born October 10, 1954 and passed on January 17th, 2021. Today, I’m going to tell you the story of my dad’s life the only way I know how: as a letter to him.


Dear Dad,

This is a special day because 15 years ago, Mikey left us to go to heaven. Today, we reunite you with your youngest son, Mikey, so that you will be in your final resting place together.


It’s been really hard for me to start writing this. But some of this you already wrote for me.

You told me about how in 1972, you wanted to start your life making your own choices. Instead of continuing in the grape fields with your father, which you were doing since you were 8 years old, you took the first major step into the world of work in Alaska in the salmon industry with a couple of your friends, escaping the searing heat of the Earlimart. As with all things, you had to persevere, finally finding a job with the local union 37 in the Alaskan canneries.


Some of the places you’ve lived and worked included Delano and Earlimart, Mexico, Alaska, Seattle, and finally San Jose, where you went to college and I only recently heard the story of you met Mom. With Mom, you had three beautiful children: me, Maliya and Mikey. From both of you, we learned the importance of education.


Our childhood was filled with love from you and Mom, and we felt it, and it shaped us into the people Maliya and I are today. We both have good careers and beautiful families. In 2006, fifteen years ago, Mikey passed, but not before teaching us the importance of family. As Mikey said, the family runs through us. We are all we have.


You weren’t perfect. You had problems, health and otherwise. You were a fighter, and through those experiences, Dad, you found yourself.  You found a deep sense of gratitude for life.


Towards the end of your life, sometimes you were my rock and sometimes I was yours. And just as you took care of me, I tried my best to take care of you. Where was I when you were volunteering and leading change for social justice? Sometimes I feel like I took it for granted, that I had you next to me or could just call or talk to you. I didn’t really realize that you had your own life because to me, you were just my dad. And between the times when you were busy, we would go watch movies, go eat at your favorite places. You lived your life on your terms and you found joy in giving. Giving to your grandkids, to your children, and to others.


How come I couldn’t have more time with you? After hearing how much you’ve done for the community, volunteering hours of your time, giving to others, leading discussions on social justice and pushing for change in the community. I’m proud of you dad.


You chose to be the person who you are. You chose to give your time, because as you said, this gave you are reason to get up in the morning. This gave you a reason to live. My life is forever changed by your example.


You leave us with more than you had: A great foundation and legacy for your children and grandchildren to be proud of. Today, dad, we honor you. Today, we give you back to heaven.


Thank you for all the time you gave us. I am forever indebted to you. Please tell Mikey we miss him.

With love, your oldest son, Sal

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